Psychological Trauma- What Is It?

There is no shortage of psychological trauma in our world: experiences that cause us to feel highly overwhelmed and helpless. Countless clients enter counseling to find relief from it and there are many effective treatment options available. The first step is becoming aware of how psychological trauma shows up in our lives.

Tips to help families Cope with Economic Stress

  • Focus on appreciating each family member and sharing that appreciation in some way every day. (Taking these opportunities instills the belief that a persons self worth is not attached to their economic worth)
  • Provide the Family with structure and routine; revisit old family traditions and create new ones. (This will instill a sense of stability)
  • Emphasize Family Communication

Feelings of Stress

Feelings of stress, anxiety and depression seem to have become an almost accepted part of our culture. Perhaps it is the price we have to pay for living the American dream, but I don’t think so. The truth is, there is another way. We were meant to thrive in this life, not simply survive it!

In addition to the many complimentary services highlighted in this issue such as, yoga, meditation, and massage, counseling and other behavioral health care services can also provide a beneficial and rewarding solution to managing life’s challenges.

Mindful Matters

As August rolls in I find myself reflecting on how quickly the seasons come and go. It seems like the 1st of March was just yesterday when the air was frigid and snow was covering the ground. I can remember that as the snow melted and the cold hung on I became eager for spring, which quickly passed bringing us to summer. Now here we are in the last few weeks of the season that we so eagerly awaited. Other than Christmas, summer seems to be the most anticipated time of year. Everyone discusses where they will go for vacation, what they will do, and who they will visit.