Josh Jennings

Do you feel beaten up by life? Stressed? Maybe your relationship is on the rocks, or your child is going through a rough time. Maybe you just feel overwhelmed. I know life can get tough, I’ve been there too. I grew up in a small town with traditional values and a simple approach to life and that comes through with my style of helping. Using primarily Solution Focused Techniques I strive to build a partnership with those I help and I work with individuals in every situation with the understanding that they are the expert on themselves and their situation.

I have worked extensively with families, couples, and “at risk” teens on a variety of problems with great success. A few of the topics I have worked with are parenting style, self-esteem, depression, sexual identity, purpose, spiritual issues, grief, loss, forgiveness, and addictive behaviors such as substance abuse and pornography just to name a few.

If you’re looking for a helper that will work hard to treat you as a person and not as an “issue” you’ve found him.

My Experience:

My life experiences have been many. At a young age I suffered a traumatic brain injury which lead to my dealing with esteem issues as well as depression which took their toll during my teen years. Because of a great support system and learned individuals I could get advice from I emerged from those dark years with a few scars, a healthy sense of who I was, and purpose which was an overwhelming desire to help others make it through their hard times as well.

My Education:

I earned a Ba in Psychology from Emmanuel collage in 2003 and from there went on to earn a license and ordination as well as a certification as a pastoral counselor through the Board of Examiners for Georgia Christian Counselors and Therapists (GBOE). I have worked for many years with the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice dealing with “at risk” youth. I served as an Executive Director of a Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation center for teens, as well as served as a Pastoral Counselor. It is my belief that there are no problems that can’t be dealt with given the time, effort, and resources, and I hold this belief because I’ve seen the progress for those who work treatment time and time again over the past 15 years. There is hope!

What to Expect from Me:

How Can I Help

The first way I help is by letting the individual know that everyone faces difficulties in life, myself included and that they have a support system which I will be a part of. I have been afforded an abundance of experience in different areas of counseling that has allowed me the tools to help with many concerns. The way I go about helping individuals is to listen intently, never judge, reflect the love and compassion of Christ, and lead the individual into a healthier future by way of a solution focused format that begins by asking, and helping the individual to go face to face with their issues, face to face with themselves, and finally face to face with God in order to understand and overcome the problems they face.

Do you have to be a Christian to see me

Absolutely not! I am open to seeing anyone for any reason. I am a Christian and my methods are based on Biblical, intra-denominational principles, but I do not “preach at” or quote scriptures at the people I help. To do so would be a huge barrier to relationship building as well as progress. Your individual beliefs will be respected in every session. I have worked with many individuals both believers and nonbelievers with many issues including but not limited to addictions such as pornography and substance abuse, marital issues, divorce care, family issues, depression, sexual identity issues, identifying purpose/direction in life, as well as spiritual issues such as forgiveness, guilt, and oppression.