CRAFT Treatment & Support Group

Thursday's from 10:30am - Noon

Designed to Work with Family Members to Motivate Substance Abusers to Enter Treatment

Everyone knows someone who has a significant problem with drugs or alcohol but refuses to get help. Most family members have tried everything only to can get caught in situations that are emotionally or physically draining with nowhere to turn. CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) is a highly‐effective, motivational support program for family members living with a loved one (partner, adult, son or daughter) who is misusing alcohol or other drugs and refusing treatment. CRAFT teaches family members or concerned significant others – CSOs how to change their own behavior toward the using family member that in a way that will support a change in behavior. More specifically, CSOs learn to change their interactions with the substance misuser by using positive rewards for non using behavior and not to engage in nagging, threatening and punishing behaviors that do not work. CRAFT teaches a gentler and effective way to distance themselves from their loved one if they are using drugs or alcohol. Many studies show that CRAFT‐trained family members consistently are able to get their substance‐misusing loved one into treatment averaging 70% of the time. This program is effective with all populations regardless of ethnicity, age, with various types of relationships like spouses, significant others, a parent or an adult child and is effective regardless of the particular drug of choice.

The CRAFT program has three main goals which is to:

  1. Decrease the family member’s substance use
  2. Get the substance user into treatment
  3. Increase the concerned family member's own happiness, regardless of the substance misuser’s treatment status or their reluctance to enter treatment

The CRAFT program is a very active process that utilizes role‐plays and other behavioral skills ‐ training exercises during sessions, and homework assignments between sessions. CRAFT will help to increase the concerned family members motivation, gain a better understanding of the substance misuser’s problem, offer safety skills in domestic violence situations, increase effective communication skills for family members, learn positive reinforcement to assist the misuser to change their behavior, understand negative consequences for substance using, enhance the concerned member's own life, and learn how to approach the substance misuser with treatment options.

For more information on this valuable group experience call today at 706-850-7041.

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