Christian Counseling Athens GA

Christian Counseling Athens, GA draws upon an integration of psychology and Biblical teaching. Our Christian counselors seek to build an understanding of the client’s history and presenting concerns and view what is discovered in sessions through the lens of Scripture. Physical, emotional and behavioral issues are addressed and integrated into a holistic understanding of the person and where change needs to take place. The Christian counselor is not adversarial in his relationship to the psychologies of his culture, but examines research and insights through the lens of Scripture. In his work with clients the biblical counselor recognizes the sovereignty of God, the transformative grace of Christ, and the insight-giving and conviction-producing ministry of the Holy Spirit.

At the Banyan Tree, your work with a Christian counselor can range from a simple understanding that your counselor has the same spiritual background and belief system that you hold to sessions where scripture and prayer are cornerstones of the session. Your counselor will allow you to be in charge of how much spiritual emphasis and discussion is placed on your sessions.

If you have questions about how Christian Counseling Athens, GA works or would like to speak with one of our Christian counselors, please contact our intake coordinator for more information.