Our Typical clients are between the ages of 13 to 65+. They come to improve their lives in many different areas. Almost all of our clients are intelligent, successful, and kind, individuals who want to improve their personal, school, career or family lives. They may have relationship problems, addictions, parenting challenges, difficulties managing stress, depression or anxiety, or are learning to cope better with any of life's difficulties such as illness, finding meaning in life, transitions and decision making. Maybe you've heard of people going to counseling and because of a stigma or belief that it was for people with "real problems," you hesitated to contact a therapist. Counseling teaches truly effective ways to deal with common, everyday irritations as well as more entrenched patterns of living. The Banyan Tree can help you with what prompted you to look into our services. If we don't work with your particular concern, we will help you find someone who does. So, whatever you're facing, please contact us. You will be taking a big first step to living the life you want to live!