Our purpose is to help you resolve problem areas in your life. Although no one can solve your problems for you, we are trained to help people cope more effectively with their difficulties. We will do our best to understand you as a unique individual and to help you work through your difficulties. It is our function to listen, to understand and to be helpful to the fullest extent of our professional training and experience. It is your responsibility to help us understand your life situation, thoughts and feelings and to have the courage to try to master your problem areas. You as a patient have the following rights: - To ask for and receive information about our qualifications, including licensure, education, training, experience, membership in professional organizations, specific areas of practice, and limits on practice - To have written information, before therapy, about fees, method of payment, insurance coverage, number of sessions that may be needed, on call therapists used in case of vacations and emergencies, and cancellation policies. - To refuse to answer any question or give any information you choose not to answer or give. - To know if your case will be discussed with others (for instance, supervisors or consultants) and what information will be shared - To ask about your progress - To have any therapy procedure, including pros and cons of its use, explained to you before it is used -To end treatment at any time (However, please schedule at least one session with your therapist before terminating treatment).