The process of human growth and development has often been compared to the growth of a tree. The more rooted we are, the stronger we are and the greater our capacity to reach great heights. We chose the Banyan Tree for our image because it most accurately represents the process of an individual’s growth. As it first grows, a Banyan tree has a single trunk or support system, but as time passes and experiences of learning and skill development take deeper root, the branches of wisdom form. New experiences reach out by sending down new roots or "experiments" that sway in the breeze until reaching the ground and taking root. The individual's support system spreads as the roots deepen and become themselves new trunks to support further personal growth and development. Through a willingness to gain new skills and develop additional and deeper roots, the tree (or self) becomes much more than one had ever imagined. Past, present and future intertwine, as do the roots and branches, under the flourishing canopy. The story of the tree is as the story of one's life, continually growing and expressing the wisdom inherent in the necessary risk of such growing.