Virginia Maxfield


How Can I Help?

Are you or your child struggling with a problem that has you feeling overwhelmed? Has the problem interfered with hopes, dreams and milestones or the quality of daily life? My goal is to help you reclaim your life from the effects of stress, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, trauma, loneliness, grief and loss. As a therapist specializing in work with young children (and their families), and older adults, I invite you to join with me in resolving those problems.

I see myself as a collaborator and co-creator. Our work together will include hopeful conversations about your preferences, the values you hold dear, and the stories that give meaning to your life and your future.

I am interested in your description of the problems you would like resolved, and our work will have the goal of minimizing the effects of those problems on your daily life. I will work alongside you to open up space for previously unthought-of ways of approaching the challenges that have come into your life, the life of your child, or the life of your family. We will collaborate to create a treatment plan that supports your preferred goals and specific needs.

My focus is on helping two distinct populations: young children (and their families) and adults facing over-50 life issues.

Children and Their Families
I began my work with children as an art educator in the public schools. I made the transition to clinical work after completing my MSW degree with a specialization in the use of art and play in therapy. I have had success in assisting a number of young people in their battles with ADHD, frustration, anxiety, and attachment issues.

Older Adults
I have taught special art groups for older adults, and counseled seniors. As an older adult myself, I am aware of the unique concerns and challenges facing those of us in the over-fifty population. I have found the use of writing, art, songs, and poetry to be helpful in expressing feelings of depression, grief and loss, and loneliness.

My Experience:

I earned my Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Georgia. My education and a full history of personal and professional experiences influences my counseling perspective. I have been working with individuals, children, and seniors for over 40 years in public and private schools, colleges, universities, and counseling agencies. As an artist and former art teacher, I find great joy in seeing clients find ways to express themselves more fully through the medium of art. I offer play materials when appropriate, and I am open to using your interests, or those of your child, to assist in our sessions. Previous clients have chosen to use superheroes, movement, music, poetry, drama, and writing in our work together.

I was raised in a military family and lived in Japan, Libya, and many parts of the United States. I have traveled in Africa, Canada, Cuba, France, Italy, and Mexico. The experience of living among the people of other countries has contributed to my worldview and holistic perspective in listening to, and joining with, others to support their dreams and values.

Because I feel an obligation to give back to the community, I joined a team of artists to create two community mosaic murals; I worked on a year-long project celebrating role models for girls; and I volunteered to work with seniors, the homeless, teens in youth detention, and survivors of crime, interviewing them, creating art, and recording their life stories.

My Education:

In addition to my Masters in Social Work with a specialization in clinical practice, I have a Masters degree in Education from Ohio State University, a Bachelors degree in Psychology, and I studied at the Atlanta College of Art. I also have training and/or certificates in the following specialties, all of which can enrich our work together:
Use of Art in Therapy
Play Therapy
Narrative Therapy

What to Expect from Me:

I am available by appointment for individual, child, and family counseling sessions. Please contact our intake coordinator to schedule an appointment with me by calling (706) 850-7041 or by entering your information in the Contact Us Today blue box in the upper right corner of this page, and clicking SEND. I look forward to meeting you and working with you soon.