Larry Walton

Larry Walton | Banyan Tree


How Can I help?

I have had the privilege to witness the lives of many individuals during the past forty years of practice. My path has had many forks which have challenged me in some of the ways I have experienced in those with whom I have worked. Exploring these forks has helped me understand more accurately the people with whom I work.

My clients are a diverse group of people; many with alcohol and other drug misuse conditions including high risk use, and many with severe dependency some with the challenge of doing things differently to better manage anxieties or depressions; some with lives complicated and interrupted by more severe mental conditions and lives complicated by making a wrong choice.

If you work with me, our conversations will be directed at finding what will work for you. You will bring your life and its stories along with what is working that you want to keep and, what might be done differently to move you in a new direction. You will define what is important for you and set the pace for your work. I will bring to the conversations my genuine curiosity, my experience and observations of what others have done in situations similar to yours; my willingness, knowledge, skills and energy directed at guiding you toward your goal(s).