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How Can I Help?

Do you want to make changes in the direction of your life? Have you been anxious on Sunday afternoons dreading the week that lies ahead? Maybe you’re even living your own version of “Groundhog Day” where every day you find yourself going through the motions…living the same day over and over again?

If so, you are not alone. Research indicates that one out of three people are in a "what's next?" moment, feeling stuck and unsure about the future. For many of us, not knowing why we are here and what our purpose is can make us feel lost.

To counter these feelings, some people feel that they must change everything in their lives to find any sense of fulfillment. But, in reality, sometimes, it’s the small shifts that can break us out of our ruts. As we become older, we gain more responsibilities and obligations, and often lose our sense of ourselves. Ironically, at the same time, our values and interests become more important to us, even though we have less time to pursue them.

I believe that everyone deserves to have a life and career that they can be proud of. This philosophy guides my work with students and adults and together we work to answer the important questions of “Why am I here?” and “what gives my life meaning?” When we can identify activities that mirror our interests and values and help us use our natural abilities, we find the inspiration and renewed energy that’s been missing.

My Experience:

I too have been lost and found my way. At the end of college, I felt aimless. I worked a series of jobs that didn’t seem to fit me and the things I valued. Through the process I now use with my clients, I figured out what I did well and what was important to me in my career and personal life.
Since then, I have been fortunate to have a variety of experiences working with students and their families before coming to private practice. I spent 10 years as a high school counselor and five years as a middle school counselor. I also worked with college students at the University of Georgia, advising them on classes, majors and careers.

Now being married with two young children I have also developed a love for working with those moving through the chaos of parenthood particularly those feeling lost, overwhelmed, making transitions or having to make major life decisions.

My Education:

I received my Masters in Counselor Education in 1998 from the University of Virginia and also became a Nationally Certified Counselor. After 15 years of working with students and their families in education, I became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2013. I have also taken courses in conflict resolution and mediation which enables me to help clients find the “win-wins” in their lives. In addition, I am a Certified Highlands Consultant which allows me to administer and provide feedback on the Highlands Ability Battery, which is the gold standard among assessment tools measuring natural abilities. Through the Highlands Ability Battery, we can explore how your abilities fit with other important factors to create your personal vision for your work and life.

What to Expect from Me:

I am available for individual and career counseling on Wednesdays and Fridays by appointment. Please contact our intake coordinator to schedule an appointment with me by calling (706) 850-7041 or by entering your information in the Contact Us Today blue box in the upper right corner of this page, and clicking SEND. I look forward to meeting you and working with you soon.