Allyn Rippin

Allyn Rippin


Would you like to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices but are confused by conflicting information? Has a health professional recommended lifestyle changes, but you need help applying them to real life? Do you want to create healthier habits but need some accountability and support? Are you great at taking care of others but often end up neglecting yourself? Are you stuck and unable to reach the next level of health but not sure why? When you recognize the need for change, it helps to have a coach in your corner. When you recognize the need for change, it helps to have a coach in your corner.

Health is not the perfect diet or exercise regimen or even the absence of disease. It is the happy side effect of a healthy relationship with self and knowing what your body (and life) needs to thrive. As an integrative health and lifestyle coach, I help my clients become experts in their self-care. I hold a safe, non-judging space for you to become empowered in your health and discover true self-nourishment. Together we bring into balance the core components that contribute to your wellbeing, from the quality of food on your plate to your quality of sleep, exercise habits, thought patterns, relationships, and work and home environments. We also look at other important nutrients, like joy and purpose. Rather than focus on fads or a one-size- fits-all approach, our work is personalized to your unique goals, desires and bio-individuality.

As we journey together, we will undoubtedly meet some obstacles along the way. It is common to meet resistance when committing to new habits. We may sabotage our efforts without knowing it, or suffer from low self-esteem or limiting beliefs, abandoning our true needs and desires in the process. This is our work together: to identify blocks, re-connect you to your body intelligence, and create a blueprint for living your best life. I’ve found that clients often benefit from a team approach, which is why I love partnering with the counselors at Banyan Tree when deeper inquiry is needed. 

My Experience:

From improving patient experiences to creating wellness programs for older adults, the continuous thread throughout my professional life has been one of advocacy. Helping others feel good in their bodies and lives is my passion, and I bring my own personal experiences to the table. I know first-hand that trauma and other destabilizing factors can numb or mute the natural mind-body connection. With strategies and support, new levels of health and wholeness are possible! I frequently work with women in recovery, but also many others wishing to take better care of themselves. I hold a Masters of Science in Environment-Behavior studies and received my health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In addition to coaching, I am currently the Center for Active Living Director at the Athens Community Council on Aging. 

My Education:

Masters of Science in Environment-Behavior

What to Expect from Me:

With a caring presence, I hold a mirror for you to discover your best self. I share practical guidance on healthy eating and lifestyle factors that move you towards your goals as well as accountability to help you stay on track. As part of your support system, I honor the innate wisdom you already possess while helping you zero in on what motivates you to say “yes!” Above all, I am deeply committed to you and your success.