Alcohol and Drug Misuse

We provide a variety of substance abuse treatment athens ga services to address alcohol and drug misuse, dependency and addiction. Many of our clients seek treatment from a voluntary standpoint and still more are mandated as a result of a DUI, MIP or a Possession Charge. We conduct detailed alcohol and drug misuse and abuse assessments and DBHDD Approved Clinical Evaluations as well as offer state approved ASAM Level I Outpatient Treatment in the form of individual and group therapy. Together, we can play an active role in overcoming alcohol and drug misuse.

Our Treatment Approach

We accept the notion that individuals that seek counseling for problematic substance use and dependence are at various stages in the change process and need to work at their own pace as they develop competency in new behaviors.

Assessments & Consultations

Whether you are experiencing personal distress or have suffered an arrest related to your alcohol or other drug use, we can help you take the first steps toward resolution. We believe each client is unique and needs to be individually assessed to determine their specific treatment needs.

Alcohol & Drug Evaluation

A Clinical Evaluation or Substance Abuse Assessment is conducted by a licensed or certified professional who specializes in the field of substance abuse and addiction. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the most appropriate next step, if any, related to intervention or treatment.

Individual Counseling

In keeping with our individualized approach to the treatment of alcohol and other drug misuse disorders, we offer one on one counseling as an option for our clients who find it a more comforting or appropriate option given their unique circumstances.

Group Counseling (ASAM)

Research shows that many individuals reduce the harm to themselves, their families, and their communities by learning more about drugs and alcohol and by developing strategies to manage their drug and alcohol use.

Court Ordered Treatment

We provide state of Georgia approved counseling and education for individuals mandated to treatment as well as those seeking care from a more voluntary position.

Family Counseling and Support

When someone you love is struggling with an alcohol or other drug problem, the emotions you experience can be overwhelming and excruciating.
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