Online Counseling

Online Counseling, also known in the medical field as Telemental Health (TMH), is an increasingly popular choice for our clients, as the Internet has become a natural means of communication for many. Just as you can talk to friends, family and co-workers from almost anywhere, now you can easily set up and attend virtual appointments with your therapist from the comfort of your home or office. Our counselors now have the capacity to meet with you through a secure, HIPAA compliant video meeting service provided by Smart House Calls. No matter where you are or how busy your life is, this is a way to make sure you never have to miss an appointment. Whether you live too far away from our office, can't afford to spare any time commuting before and after your session, or are simply out of town one week, we now offer an option that will allow us to meet with you one-on-one from anywhere. online counseling also helps us to support you between scheduled visits. All you need is Internet access and a web camera to get set up. We also offer telephone sessions in case you don't have access to a computer or feel more comfortable communicating over the phone. Like our online services, phone counseling is completely confidential and all discussed information is secure.

How It Works

The technology piece of our online counseling program is actually surprisingly simple. If you can open an email, you can participate in an online counseling session! Once you have completed the initial phone consultation and have chosen a clinician, you will be ready to go. At your scheduled meeting time, an email containing a secure link will be sent to you. When you open the email, the video portal will open on your screen and your online session will begin. Your counselor will meet with you face-to-face through a totally safe and secure video call. It is really that simple! Visit the Smart House Calls website to watch a demo video and learn more about the program's features and benefits.

Getting Started

Our typical procedure to begin working with a new client is to conduct a free telephone consultation to determine which counselor and service will be the best fit for you. The conversation will give you the opportunity to get a feel for our style and to determine if you think we are the best choice for you. We will also discuss fees, appointment availability and collect the information needed to get you set up with a clinician. The consultation generally takes about 20-30 minutes so you can contact us at a time that is convenient for you. If we are unable to reach the phone, you may leave a confidential message with the times we can best reach you and we will return your call as soon as possible. You may also send us an email using our contact us page. Customize Your Visits Utilize Online Counseling as a convenient alternative to regular in-office visits, or make it your primary means of meeting with your therapist. You can decide what works best for you! This service is very flexible and time-efficient, and we are offering it in order to ensure that we are available for you when, where, and how you need us most. Feel free to ask our staff about the various online counseling options we provide.

About Online Counseling

As healthcare communication has developed with current online technology, Telemedicine now plays a vital role in treating individuals more efficiently. The term "Telemedicine" refers to providing health services remotely, through telephone, email, or video conferencing. These tools have grown into nearly every specialized medical field, including Clinical Counseling, where the practice is called "Telemental Health" or "online counseling". Medical practices all over the world are now adopting video communication in order to meet the immediate needs of their clients. Entire hospitals have even adopted this technology so that all rooms, personnel and patients are connected to one another. Smart House Calls is developing a database of medical practices in Athens and throughout Georgia that use their services. If you see other physicians or specialists regularly in your area, you can find out if they use Smart House Calls and further streamline your medical visits.

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