Court Ordered Treatment

We provide state of Georgia approved counseling and education for individuals mandated to treatment as well as those seeking care from a more voluntary position. Using a behavior change model our groups are either aimed at DISCOVERY (the process of gaining awareness and moving toward the determination to change) or MAINTAIN RECOVERY (the process of reinforcing the commitment to action in changing behaviors).

Our Discovery Group meets Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00pm

Our Maintain Recovery Group meets Thursdays from 8:30-10:00am

Court Required ASAM Level I Short Term Program is 6-12 weeks, 18 hours minimum.

Court Required ASAM Level I Long-Term Program is 3 to 9 hours of treatment services per week.The length of treatment is up to one year. A treatment review occurs when 17 consecutive weeks of treatment has been completed. A decision will then be made for you to continue with more counseling or complete the treatment program.

Department of Driver Services License Reinstatement Groups require no less than 17 weeks and 56 hours of treatment. Some clients may require more contact hours, but no clients may complete with less for the purpose of license reinstatement. This group meets weekly for 3 hours (Tuesdays 6-9 p.m.). Depending on client needs and situation, additional hours may be negotiated.

About our Programs:

We believe the way the ASAM Level I program is structured is an essential factor to our clients learning the information and acquiring the skills useful in reducing their risk for future alcohol or other drug related problems whether they be legal or personal.

With this in mind, our group component is shorter than average programs (our groups are 2 hours versus 3 hours); we make up the required time (1 additional hour) by providing an individual session each week to complement the learning and skill development from the group and give our participants the opportunity to discuss other important aspects of their lives. We don’t know of anyone else in town who offers this level of specialized service (without an additional fee) and truly believe it is one of the main components that sets our program apart from others.

Our Curriculum:

We are proud to offer Prevention Research Institute’s evidence based curriculums for both our Prime for Life and Prime Solutions Courses. The Prime Solutions curriculum is used in our Discovery Group.

To learn more about PRI and the Prime for Life and Prime Solutions curriculum visit their website at

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