Group Counseling is a small gathering of clients meeting together weekly or bi-weekly with one or more Banyan Tree Counselors to explore similar struggles and concerns in a comfortable and confidential environment. Groups are typically 90 minutes in length and focus on the concerns of a particular population or a specific challenge such as adolescents, new mothers, anxiety, depression or addiction.

Prime For Life

PRIME For Life (PFL) is a motivational intervention used in group settings to prevent alcohol and drug problems or provide early intervention. PFL is used primarily among court-referred or ordered situations.

Prime Solutions (ASAM Level I)

Our Prime Solutions Group is a good fit for individuals who are examining their relationship with drugs and alcohol and are unsure what, if any, changes should be made.

Maintain Recovery (ASAM Level I)

Our Maintain Recovery Group is a good fit for individuals who are committed to making the change to abstinence for alcohol or other drugs. This group creates a supportive environment for people starting their journey of abstinence.

CRAFT Therapy

Community reinforcement and family training approach (CRAFT) is a behavior therapy approach to treating substance abuse. This method relies on non-confrontational ways to encourage loved ones to enter addiction treatment.

Transcending Trauma

Transcending Trauma is a confidential group designed to support women’s healing from trauma. The structure of the group allows for acquiring new skills and simply being in a calm space.
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